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About Maggie & Eddie

Hi there! We are Maggie & Eddie. We are those cute bulldogs you may have seen hanging out in that computer store on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Sometimes you come in and visit us, sometimes you take pictures with us, and sometimes you bring us presents - yummy treats or fun toys to play with. Well, we now have an online presence for our fans!

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Maggie is a miniature English Bulldog. She enjoys long strolls on her equipment cart and chasing little kids. She dreams of eventually catching one, but we are unsure as to what she will actually do once she succeeds.
Eddie is an Olde English Bulldog, He enjoys eating, sleeping, and farting. He is a rocket scientist in training and someday aspires to be an Astronaut. He dreams of one day being the first bulldog to colonize Mars.

Bulldog Tech

Together, we are the inspiration behind Bulldog Tech, an IT Services & Technology company that has been a staple in the Bay Ridge community for over 30 years. Bulldog Tech is in a constant state of change: using, experimenting, and actively working with cutting edge, bleeding edge and over the edge technology. You can come visit our home - Bulldog Tech online, at bulldogtechinc.com, or stop by and come meet us. Don't forget we love treats and belly rubs.

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Our Latest Adventures

Who Wants Food!