Maggie Helping Clean

Summer 2018 Bulldog Time

Maggie Easter Basket

Eddie n Maggie Enjoying Farm

Bath Time for the Dogs Winter 2018

Maggie and Eddie Getting their baths!

Maggie’s Friend Jimmy the horse

Maggie Loves Her friend Jimmy!

Maggie the postal bag inspector

Paying Respects to Departed Friends

Saying goodby to our horse friends: Stella, JoJo and Peanut

maggie n eddie the brooklyn bulldogs halloween

Halloween 2017

Maggie loves her USPS bag!

Maggie Sleeping in a USPS Bag

Maggie on a seat in barn

Eddie being cleaned – guess what he did right after?

So what did he do?
He walked into the muddy creek and sat down!

Maggie’s new friend – Jimmy

Eddie in Energy Saving Mode

Summer 2017 Continues for the Brooklyn Bulldogs

Summer 2017 Continues

Summer 2017

Eddie Maggie Monkey & Pool

Eddie in low energy mode

Brooklyn Bulldogs of Summer 2017